Our firm services Southeastern New England and select areas Nationwide with two distinctive divisions and an affiliate company. They include Nunes Excavation and Nunes Utilities divisions, along with Eco-Resources Management Company as an affiliate.

The Nunes Excavation division provides experienced site work, excavation, road building, curbing, exterior concrete flatwork, landscape construction and asphalt paving. The work includes residential subdivisions, condominium projects, private and municipal roadways, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, storage facilities, banks, educational and healthcare facilities.

The Nunes Utilities division provides experienced craftsman to install water services, fire protection water services, water mains, sanitary sewer services, sanitary sewer mains, storm drainage, underground electric primary & secondary services, substations, site lighting, underground telephone/cable service and underground fire alarm service. This work includes residential, commercial, industrial, federal, state and municipal projects.

Our proven experience in complete construction services demonstrates the comprehensive extent of our firm. The combination of an experienced work force along with a host of late model equipment, insures prompt completion of your project. The corporation has been established since 1983. The management staff has a combined experience level of over 100 years in construction, management, marketing and service. This experience and commitment to service, with each client, is the STANDARD with our company.